From 1pm to 4pm, the account of my paid and unpaid work. Toddler never napped. Preschool sister was tired and I asked if she could lay down with little brother while I shower. She agreed. I got in the shower and heard them jumping on the bed. Little guy sits on the potty and poops while I am in the shower. The smell alerts me to this fact. Big sister also used potty and comes in to tell me she needs help pulling up her pants. She tells me what little brother is up to. I mean seriously, any parent I know who is the primary parent knows that even when you are in the shower or on the toilet or sleeping,  you are still parenting. This morning I had to ask my kids to let me finish peeing.

 I got out and dealt with all those issues. That’s the short and not disgusting version of what happened. Little guy ran laps between his bed and my room where I am getting ready for work. I kept asking him to lay down and walking him back to his bed. After awhile I asked him to lay down and read books. He wouldn’t stay there and I needed to finish getting ready for work. He just kept running laps, I made sure he was being safe. Sister did art in her room. We went downstairs and ate some apples and peanut butter and waited for grandma who is now coming to our house because there was no longer time for me to take kids to her house. I cleaned up. My mom came over. My daughter dropped muffin crumbs in the carpet I just vacuumed. I cleaned it up.

 8.5 hours. No break mental or physical. I did a little more laundry too. I’ll drive to work next for a 5+ hour shift at my paid job.

Thanks for reading. Please know that I acknowledge my privilege as a white educated middle class woman who is able to make a choice about whether I work outside the home or not. I’m also happy to be a mom and was able to have kids without struggle. I have family close by to help and my kids’ dad does a big part of parenting. I have it pretty good in this world. This doesn’t mean we don’t have a ways to go in acknowledging the value of “women’s work” paid and unpaid and our contribution to the world. 

Stay tuned for part 4. It won’t be detailed due to the confidential nature of my paid position but I must finish the day.