From 9am on…an account of all the paid and unpaid work I do today.

Start laundry.

Child sees me get out vacuum, asks me please don’t vacuum. Put on Star Wars movie then advise I’m going to vacuum. He follows me and asks me not to, wants help taking off jacket, wants to play. Finish vacuuming. 

Child requires me to pick him up and asks for snack. We look at all options in fridge and pantry. He walks away without a snack. I send a few texts and check email. I feel guilty because after expressing I’m feeling overwhelmed and writing part 1, partner gives me a night away this weekend. Child returns demanding snack again. Then wants to play hide and seek and forgets snack. We play hide and seek. We give hugs and kisses. I offer to share some granola and strawberries. He agrees. I start to prepare it and he demands to be picked up. He climbs into the fridge to grab strawberries in glass container. I help so he’s safe. I finish preparing, he nearly falls off couch so I help him. I bring snack over, he initially refuses it, then commandeers it. I bring another spoon, he yells at me that the granola is his now.

I take a few bites and then let him have it. I do some more laundry.

I finish the snack and bring it over to the sink. I see an ant in the sink so I go ahead and do the handful of dishes so we aren’t attracting ants.

We play light sabers. I change his diaper. I try out the table cloth for my daughter’s birthday party but it’s too small. I order a bigger one express shipping and get interrupted a bunch because my alarm also goes off the tell me to go pick up my daughter from preschool.

My son and I walk to preschool. He doesn’t want to hold my hand. I carry him much of the way. He throws a tantrum when we get there, throwing himself on the floor and yelling in the middle of a crowd of people also picking up their kids. Luckily my daughter gets her stuff together as I try to get the toddler to tone down his tantrum. We walk home calmly and my kids are looking forward to going to grandma’s house after nap.

I heat up leftovers for lunch and my kids are playing on dining room chairs. I try to gauge how safe their game is. It’s borderline so I keep an eye on them. All of a sudden my son runs to the potty and says he has to poop. I get excited because he’s never done that before so I follow him and encourage him. He tries the potty for a few minutes, he doesn’t actually go, but he decorates his potty with some Star Wars stickers and he’s happy. My daughter is also encouraging him but reminds me she’s hungry. I know. I hurry to wash hands and finish lunch.

I finish lunch. There’s an ant on the table. Ugh. I tell them to hurry and eat so the ants aren’t attracted. They sing and chat and argue. I remind them to eat. I eat quickly. I clean up after them.

 I finish ordering the table cloth after lunch.
I start a show for my daughter and lay down with my son for nap. It’s been 45 minutes and he’s still awake. I was hoping for a break before I go to work, and plenty of time after dropping my kids off at my mom’s, but now I am highly doubting that will happen. He almost always sleeps, but I think he senses that I have plans.

Stay tuned for part 3.