I put up a yard sign recently. I originally saw it before the election at one of my best friend’s homes.

The organization in my area distributing the sign is called Bridging Cultures. If you’d like your own, head over to Bridging Cultures’ website. Click on the menu and select ‘Sign Offer’. You can request one from the organization (they request a small donation to cover costs) or you can download and print or take it to a print shop to have a sign made.

I share a driveway with neighbors, and they expressed how much they love it and thanked me for putting it up. I have yet to get any negative feedback. 

For awhile I have been wanting to write a post about immigration but haven’t found the right words or the time for researching the points I’d like to make. For now I’ll just say that it’s an issue close to my heart and that it’s a nuanced issue with a complicated history. Outrage  toward immigrants, documented or not,  is misguided. Our country benefits from immigrants in many ways. I will write more about the issue later.

I am truly happy to be your neighbor and believe our country is stronger because of immigrants.

Take care of yourself and others ❤️ -Kate