The purpose of this post is to generate ideas and strategies for how to resist Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education. Many, many of us spoke out against Donald Trump nominating her. We called our members of Congress, demonstrated, we talked to our friends and family and those on social media about opposing her nomination and encouraging them to take action.  Now Betsy Devos has been confirmed.

Me, fired up and getting ready to furiously hand write a novel about why Betsy DeVos is extremely unqualified and dangerous as Sec.of Ed. Of course somehow this handwritten novel never materialized as a blog post.

I started this blog post absolutely on fire and practically wrote a novel  with many points about why she is a horrible pick for the position.  I hand-wrote it all out in a rush of adrenaline and then lost motivation to finish it by typing it up and citing sources. I went for a hike to clear my head and still couldn’t finish my essay expounding on every single reason I despise this horrible appointment. I decided now I’m just going to post this version because finishing it is better than trying to do it perfectly and not doing it at all.

In short:

She’s never worked in public schools. Her kids never attended public schools. In answering questions in confirmation hearings, she said guns belong in schools in case of grizzly bears and couldn’t say she’d protect LGBTQ students or those with disabilities nor protect those raped on college campuses. She wants to take money from public schools and put it into vouchers to pay for children to go to private schools or charter schools that don’t have the same accountability and don’t have to teach real science. If you’re here you either already know the reasons she is completely unqualified or can read this New York Times editorial that can lay out most of the reasons. You can also browse reliable news sources like NYT, Washington Post, and NPR for more info about her.

Betsy Devos Teaches the Value of Ignorance. (By the Editorial Board of NYT).

Basically what Betsy DeVos knows is how to dismantle public education. I think when you look at Trump’s cabinet appointments, it is never more obvious that he’s trying to dismantle the federal government than with Betsy DeVos because she is  blatantly unqualified. Then you look at Scott Pruitt who is now Secretary of the Environmental Protection Agency as someone who has sued the EPA multiple times and Jeff Sessions is now Attorney General as someone who is not going to protect people of color, the LGBTQ community, sexual assault victims, etc.

So, knowing what we know about Betsy… Now what?

What are your ideas for resisting her? What do we think she is likely to do, and what is she capable of doing? Also, what is she capable of doing if she has the buy-in of the GOP led Congress?

What can states do? Communities and school districts? Individual schools, teachers, and parents?

I’d love to hear from educators, people who work with children and families, parents, and others concerned. I’m a parent of young children who are just getting ready to start their public elementary school experiences, and I’ve worked with children and families for a decade. I have many friends and family members who are educators. I care a lot about this issue.

Here is an Upworthy article with ideas to jump start your brainstorming efforts.

Betsy Devos is our education secretary. Here’s what to do next.

I’m ending with a prediction of sorts. I think the DeVos confirmation cemented a tremendous amount of people’s negative opinions about this administration. This is just further motivation for people to resist this administration and work toward a much better election result in 2018’s midterm elections.

Thanks for reading even though this wasn’t the perfect post I envisioned.