In one week, the new president has done a great deal of damage to the United States of America’s identity and what we stand for as a people. He has also made us less safe and is damaging our election system.

Refugee Order made U.S. ‘less safe’

Anticipate legal battles

Trump’s Lies Pave the Way for an Assault on Voting Rights

Luckily the American Civil Liberties Union is fighting the unconstitutional Muslim ban in court and has won an early victory. I am going to continue to Donate to the ACLU and urge you too as well, as their mission is to defend us on multiple fronts where we are threatened to lose rights. This includes LGBTQ rights and reproductive rights.

Here is the ACLU’s 7-Point Plan of Action to Take on the Trump Administration
I’m going to be hosting at least one dinner party to raise money for the ACLU and possibly other organizations in the near future. I think of this as a fun way to get your friends and family together to share a meal, make a difference and make a statement about what we stand for as a people.

This is the new patriotism folks. We are making history, and anyone who wants to be on the right side of history should be here with us. It’s easy to hold grudges against people who didn’t see this coming or fought those of us who were anti-Trump from the beginning. But the sooner they come to oppose Trump the sooner we can begin to move forward as a nation. Let’s try to team up with Republicans to fight DT and his administration. Have conversations with your people who are coming around, even though those conversations are difficult.

Follow Evan McMullin  on Twitter if you don’t already. He may restore your faith that conservatives can speak out against what’s happening.

I’ll wrap up with this link How to Respond to Donald Trump’s Betrayal of American Values. This is written by a conservative writer. This is a gigantic resistance that in reality is actually bringing different people together for a common cause, not further dividing people.

Please do what you can by contacting your members of congress, protesting peacefully, donating money or resources, and talking to your friends and family. Let me know if you want to collaborate on anything or just sit and talk. Take care of yourself. Thanks for reading. -Kate