I just wanted to give you all that weren’t able to march today a quick run down of the day so you can share in the excitement. 

Long lines at MAX station

It started with coffee and long ticket lines for the MAX train into Portland. It was obvious that virtually everyone was going to the march based on the mood and attire and signs.

We crammed into the MAX with barely any breathing room, but everyone was chatting and having a good time. Everyone was really accommodating and wanted to make sure Ella was comfortable. We got to the waterfront and found the family march event in progress. There were already tons of people. It included speakers, singing, dancing, and balloons. There were many families with children who came early for the family event and who marched. We fit right in and I had no concerns at that point about bringing my daughter. She even came up with her own sign that said, “I hope the world is a better place!” 

Marchers on Morrison Bridge

We found ourselves a spot in the crowd, and I looked up and on the bridge were a ton of people lined up as far as I could see!

We had to wait awhile in the rain for the march to begin. It was very wet and near the end we got cold.

Spirits were high despite the weather. 

3 generations of strong women marching.

As you can see, I brought my daughter whom I wore a lot of the time on my back. My mom came too, and a very dear friend who took our picture. It meant a lot to share the experience.

We finally marched down Naito Parkway which is the Main Street by the waterfront on the west side of the Willamette River. It was fun looking around at everyone’s signs. I marched near a woman whose sign said she’s the daughter of a Syrian refugee and she’s not a terrorist. There were hilarious signs all around (“We shall overcomb” omg dying laughing). There were badass signs, profound signs. It was fun to look up in buildings and see people watching, waving, dancing. It gave me a feeling of solidarity and hope that we can resist together and take care of each other for the next four years. 

My daughter was pretty done with feeling wet and cold and part of this huge crowd for so many (4? I lost track between max and standing and waiting and then marching)  hours, so we put some dry clothes on her quickly and headed to find the MAX to head back. 

MAX couldn’t run downtown at that point because of all the people, so we had to wait for and then take a shuttle to a nearby MAX stop to head back to our car. It took awhile. This wasn’t a show up, park wherever, just walk in type of thing. This took prior planning and a lot of effort to come even aside from the weather. It was worth it.

Leaving march, my camera started to fog up it was so wet

Here’s the rainy view of our walk out. In the distance is the march.

Did you march today or yesterday? Tell me about your experience. See any stand-out signs or other experiences you’d like to share? What now? What are your plans moving forward during the next week, months, years?