Hi friends, just a quick note today because I found an excellent list of action items for those who want to do something to make a positive impact post-election. Here’s a google doc put together by a woman in a Facebook group I am part of. She was kind enough to encourage us to share even without attribution to her.

What to do This Week Dec. 11, 2016

It includes links to find your representatives and how to contact them. It includes ways to encourage them to block DT’s cabinet and staff appointments including suggested scripts for phone calls. Plus more!

I walked to the post office to buy stamps in anticipation of letter writing to representatives and electoral voters (see last night’s post with info from Hamilton Electors and directelection.org). I’ve got to get going on this because the Electoral College assembles on 12/19!  It’s a slim chance they won’t elect DT, but it’s worth my efforts to contact people in a position to make the right decision.