is a website created to enable you to send postal letters to the members of the Electoral College from states won by Donald Trump and respectfully ask them not to vote for him. The site has a customizable letter and labels you download, customize and print. It includes addresses for about 260 of the electors.

The site’s creator states that the chances are slim that the electors will not vote for him, but there is a movement by 10 electors to persuade 37 Republicans not to vote for DT. See this article from Politico. There are also protests happening in each state on Dec. 19 when the Electoral College convenes. See the Hamilton Electors for more info. Their premise is that DT is unfit to be president, and the Electoral College was intended to prevent an unfit candidate from becoming president, so it is electors’ duty not to vote for him.

On top of the concerns I had about DT before the election, we are now seeing his frightening cabinet appointments and energizing of hate groups. We also know that the CIA and a group of bipartisan senators has information causing concern that Russia has interfered with the election in order to help DT win. We are additionally seeing DT and his surrogates promote the attitude that facts don’t matter. They’re preparing to cut healthcare and social security. This all gives me plenty of reason to encourage us all to make our voices heard.

I’m going to check out as soon as I get a minute and send off some letters. If you find other direct actions you think are worthwhile, please share!

Edited to add Article from Congressional Research Service regarding how the Electoral College works.