I found a ray of hope last night in my news feed. Then this glorious view today from my driveway.

Glorious PNW forest view


Last night I read Evan McMullin’s editorial Trump’s Threat to the Constitution in the NY Times. He also posted 10 tweets advice for living in Trump’s America. You may recognize him as the conservative presidential candidate that promoted himself as an alternative to Trump. He is a former CIA agent. His tweets follow:

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Afternoon sun burning off fog

These made so much sense to me and felt like, dare I say it, potential common ground for conservatives and liberals. It isn’t without some criticism, see here, regarding language he used that made it appear he isn’t speaking directly to minorities and how it speaks to who he defines as Americans. Both McMullin’s words and the criticism are worth examining. I’m not discounting his message.

There are some small glimmers of home right now that Republicans and Democrats (and I always include Independents, Greens, etc., I am not meaning to exclude) can come together to resist Trump on the issues that we agree he is out of line. For instance, Republicans are launching probe of Russia, despite Trump’s stance. Everyone who believes Russia interfering in the U.S. election is a dangerous development should support this and should support these Republican’s efforts. Notably, Senator John McCain and Senator Lindsey Graham have been outspoken about their concerns about Trump and about the Russian interference in the election.

I’ve seen a lot of grassroots organization of progressives to resist DT & Company. Is there a large scale organized movement or grassroots movements on the conservative side to keep him in check or to resist him? I will do some research and report back on this.

Where is our common ground with the opposite side of the aisle?

Please weigh in! I’m going to learn how to create a poll, and then I’ll either add it to this post or create a new post with the poll. I want to know whether you think it’s possible for conservatives and liberals in the U.S. to find common ground in order to resist Trump together. Where is that common ground? Are we too different? Is there just too much hostility? No common ground on the issues? For now you can let me know in the comments or on social media. Thanks for reading.