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December 2016

Hike at Mount Talbert, 2016 Wrap Up

This is what winter hiking in the PNW looks like for the most part. Lots of trees, the deciduous trees are bare. It's usually wet and cold, kind of gray. You can either consider it desolate and boring, lacking the... Continue Reading →

Self Care for Sustainable Strength

Hi friends, just a quick note today because I found an excellent list of action items for those who want to do something to make a positive impact post-election. Here's a google doc put together by a woman in a... Continue Reading →

Write letters to the electoral voters respectfully asking they not vote for Donald Trump is a website created to enable you to send postal letters to the members of the Electoral College from states won by Donald Trump and respectfully ask them not to vote for him. The site has a customizable letter and... Continue Reading →

Words from a conservative that speak to me.

This week’s round up: PNW SNOW, the importance of facts, Russia, and ideas and resources for political action.

My kids and I were eagerly awaiting the snow showers predicted yesterday. You see, it rarely snows here. We're talking once a year this happens. Any time there's enough snow to play in, it's a big deal to the point... Continue Reading →

Protecting our Natural World

It's only natural that a PNW blog includes environmentalism! Today I packed my toddler son on my back and hiked Camassia Natural Area. I love this hike for several reasons. It's beautiful of course but what makes it special is... Continue Reading →

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