Can anybody relate to the experience of starting to read an article (or important text or email) and then being constantly interrupted by kids (!!), your partner, work, the phone ringing or more texts coming in, the doorbell, or just nagging thoughts about the million other things you should be doing instead of reading or communicating in a meaningful way? I seriously hope I am not the only one. I am feeling this so much lately. Every time there’s an article I want to read, I’m stopped before I get into the nitty gritty of it and I have to move on and leave it for later (or never). I’ve started texting myself the links so I can catch up later, which sometimes works, except that I don’t really have the time until it’s late at night and I’m exhausted. By then those articles from a couple days ago are overshadowed by all the new stories I’ve come across since then. The 24 hour news cycle is exhausting! Don’t get me wrong, I want to stay informed and caught up, but man! It feels like a full time job. How are others out there feeling?

We are all so busy. I know many of my friends and family are feeling driven to stay informed and take action these days.

I have no guaranteed solutions for somehow creating a bunch more time in your days, but I will just share what I’ve been doing to be able to have an extra few minutes each day to read, write and do some small political actions such as sending an email, making a phone call, or sending postcards.

I try to do a little of this work while my kids are playing nicely together (for all of two minutes, haha) or while one is napping and the other is sitting with me coloring or writing, or let’s face it, watching a tv show.

Housework can wait. I save housework for when my brain is tired or not awake yet (before I’ve had enough coffee) or when I’m just not feeling inspired. Yes, I’ve been behind on laundry the past few weeks, but no one’s had to go naked yet. When I’m feeling creative or motivated, I write or read or like yesterday, I walk to go buy postcards and mail them. I brought my daughter with me so I got my exercise, one on one time with my daughter, and political action done all in one fell swoop. We sent postcards to the Trump Organization sending a simple message: Not Bannon! Here’s the event  Facebook Event Postcard Avalanche if you’d like to take part. You can still do it Monday 11/28/16!

Since I do a lot of my brainstorming and deep thinking  while I’m hiking or just walking to the store/park/coffee, I make a quick note in my phone to record anything significant that I need to remember. Otherwise I will forget and I’ll be super frustrated to have lost what I was so sure was a brilliant idea for my blog or other political action.

You know what else I’ve done that has been awesome? Talk to people in real life about what’s going on in the world! I didn’t really do that before the election, but the day of and the day after, a switch got turned on, and I started telling my truth to people when they asked how I was doing. In our search for postcards yesterday, the lady at the gift shop asked us if we were sending them as part of the Not Bannon postcard avalanche, and when I confirmed this, she said she did it too! In talking with other preschool moms, I learned that they were equally upset about the election results and fearful for the future for various reasons. I talked about my fears for women and for my friends and family who are people of color, LGBTQ, immigrants, etc., being less safe and losing rights during this administration, and they listened and shared those concerns. I want to continue to do this and I want it to also happen with people who don’t share my political views but are willing to listen. I’m willing to listen.

While I have little ones in my care the majority of my time, I choose to do things I can do from home or while they’re with me. I’m planning to do the Women’s March the day after the inauguration in January, but that’s my only protest plan so far. I am also hoping to meet with a group of like-minded people in my area to organize political/community action as well. I’ve got to make time for these things because I’m driven to every day. Share with me what you’re doing or what you want to do! You can always use the “contact” page to message me directly, or you can PM me on social media with your thoughts. Thanks for reading.