Let’s be real. I’ve never written a blog before and the learning curve was steeper than expected. Plus I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so I want to do this right.

I’ve started reading Writing Down the Bones, which has been sitting on the shelf at home forever because my husband enjoys writing.

This book has prompted me start free writing in addition to working on the blog.

I’m listening to a podcast Write with Impact with Glenn Leibowitz, that has increased my awareness and interest in blog writing and the writing process. Here’s his website.

I’ve watched a couple YouTube tutorials and read tips about WordPress and the basics of setting up my blog. Luckily there are so many resources for learning WordPress.

I’m reading a lot of friends’ and family members’ posts on social media regarding the election and the fallout.

Additionally I subscribed to the Washington Post online and I like to read and listen to National Public Radio. Basically I am looking for the most unbiased news possible.

What do you read/listen to/consume as far as news?

The two other bits of research I’d like to do are reading other blogs and reading a basic book about politics and government to brush up. Any suggestions are welcome! I’m looking for just the facts about how it works, as unbiased as possible.

I almost forgot! Hikes! I am going through my favs that I must share with you all, and I have a couple new ones I will check out in the near future.

So much more to come! Here’s a sneak peek at my rough and colorful outline:

Let me know if you have any basic political and government book suggestions for me and what you read and listen to for news. Stay tuned!