Welcome to my blog, PNW People, Lifestyle & Politics. The PNW stands for Pacific Northwest of course. For those of us here that’s obvious, but I heartily welcome those of you who need that spelled out for you!

I’m Kate, and most of you reading this already know me as a mom of two little ones.  I also have a Master of Social Work degree and have worked with children and families for many years. I love hiking, cooking and baking, coffee, exploring, reading and most of all people.

Last week’s election is a call to action for many of us, and that’s why I’m here writing a blog. There are too many compelling issues to stay inert in this political environment. I’d like to write about some of these issues and interact with you in the comments and on social media. I’ll be talking about some concrete steps we can take as individuals to make positive change and to protect people who are vulnerable in the coming challenging times we face as a country. As a busy working parent, the times throughout the day to actually think and reflect on big issues are not frequent or long, but there is one time I’m best able to do this. Hiking in nature. That’s why I’ll bring you my thoughts in the form of ‘what I thought about on my hike’ and share my photos with you as well.  A lot of people ask me about hiking with my kids, so this is a place for those interests too.  I’ll share some tips on hiking with your kids and memorable places to check out. Friends, if you want to come hike with us or walk to get some coffee, let me know and we can talk about issues that are on your mind.

The Pacific Northwest is a place where many people feel connected to the environment we live in. It’s no wonder when many of us have scenes like the above in our backyard, even within city limits.  I’ve lived in the Pacific Northwest my whole life after being born in Boston, Massachusetts. Two years ago, I started hiking frequently with my two kids. We’d go by ourselves, with Hike It Baby or with friends. I walk frequently in our neighborhood as well, but actually getting out into nature is different. There is something about being in nature. It’s a quiet and peaceful time to reflect on what’s happening in the world. It makes me pause and breathe deeply.  These are the times my head is clear enough to really do some thinking. I’ve dabbled in meditation as a means of self-care and I think being in nature is its own form of meditation.  In nature it all feels interconnected.

So here we are. I’m ready to settle in.  Thank you for your interest and for reading! Take care.

Photo is my own.