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November 2016

Spread love ❤️️

I saw this idea and was compelled to write three quick cards of support to the three mosques in California that received threats this week.    I thought some of my friends might also want to show their support.... Continue Reading →

Passion before housework

Can anybody relate to the experience of starting to read an article (or important text or email) and then being constantly interrupted by kids (!!), your partner, work, the phone ringing or more texts coming in, the doorbell, or just... Continue Reading →

Just a little creative process

I know it's chicken scratch, but it's pretty and it conveys my hopes for this blog.

Fake news part 2

We've had a couple decent days now in Oregon and were able to get out hiking again. All four of us ventured out the day after Thanksgiving. That's a high river right there! It shows you how much rain there... Continue Reading →

The scourge of fake news and how to fight it, part 1

It's awfully rainy and cold here today, so I stayed in even though I wanted to go for a Thanksgiving morning walk and to take some photos for the blog. I stayed in and played with the kids until it... Continue Reading →

Guest Post: 4 Tips on Talking Politics This Thanksgiving

4 Tips on Talking Politics This Thanksgiving Written by Brian G. Following one the most derisive and negative presidential elections in history – most likely the worst in our lifetimes – we now come together to enjoy a meal together.... Continue Reading →

What I’m reading/listening to/learning in order to write a blog. 

Let's be real. I've never written a blog before and the learning curve was steeper than expected. Plus I'm a bit of a perfectionist, so I want to do this right. I've started reading Writing Down the Bones, which has... Continue Reading →

How to be an Ally

I am willing to bet that you care about someone who you're willing to stand up for. Someone who could use an ally. My kids and I returned to an old favorite today for a hike. We spent some time... Continue Reading →

Hello, I’m excited you’re here!

What I thought about on my hike.

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